Micro-drilling units with modular needle cylinders, standard or created to design.
Systems for both cold and hot drilling.

Macro drilling machinery designed to make circular holes or shapes such as handle holes, euroslot, drop , “butterfly” cut holes and others.

Cylinders, rods, complete fibrillator rollers our historical Miatex standards or to design for a wide range of industrial applications in fields such as roping, raffia or synthetic grasses.

Production of cold or hot embossing machinery. Applications such as anti-slip systems or embossed designs.

Cross-cutting pre-cutting machinery and longitudinal cutting solutions. For a wide variety of applications in multiple fields. For example, tears or facilitated openings; wrapping papers or air-pass slits.

Stand-alone single-module or split modular machinery to support material processing. Compact and efficient designs and modern technologies.

Spare parts and customer consulting for our solutions but also for the main standards of different types of products, including custom design or drawing.

Official heirs of the historic company among the first in the world to design and manufacture fibrillation, micro-drilling and cutting solutions.



LaserPin specializes in designing solutions for processing moving film materials. Backed by experience gained and consolidated over time and enriched by the “know-how” inherited from MIATEX, we develop units, machinery and parts designed to meet customers’ specific needs, recommending the appropriate technology.

Our company’s forte is the drilling of moving films of different types of materials. Measuring ourselves against the global market for many years, developing customized plants, and innovative high value-added solutions by optimizing production flexibility and experience.

With more than 70 years of consolidated experience in the production of mechanical units related to the processing of various materials, and the cooperation of experts in the health care industry, LaserPin has developed production lines for surgical masks and FFP2 semi-masks.
In-house production, 100% Made in Italy, certified with Italian bodies according to current national and European health and virological regulations.